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Constanze Déus-Konrad, M. A.
BDÜ member
(French, Spanish, German)

Professional translations and proofreading:
French, Spanish, English, Catalan, German

Other pages in English coming soon.


A really good translation is the be-all and end-all of successful communication across linguistic boundaries and national borders.

If you do not only want to get a rough overview of what is said in a text, but if you also attach some value to how it is said and presented, you should by all means entrust your translation to a qualified and experienced professional in order to avoid a rude surprise.

If the following statements are predominantly true in your case, please don’t hesitate to contact me trustfully right now:

  • I need a translation which is absolutely free from orthographical or grammatical errors.
  • I need a precise translation concerning the contents. It must reproduce all aspects and shades of the source text in the target language and also read between the lines.
  • I need a translation in proper style which also translates the particularities of commercial language, publicity slogans, legal terminology etc. as well as idioms and amphibologies into the target language if feasible.
  • I need a translation to read as fluently and comfortably as if it was written as original text by a native speaker.
  • I need a translation which strictly maintains form and layout of the source text.
  • I need a translation which deals consistently with technical terms and which guarantees a homogeneous terminology.
  • I need a quick and reliable translation in line with all market requirements.

My customers highly commend these assets of my daily work. A great many of them have been placing their trust in me for many years. Just convince yourself and have a look on my reference list.